We are desperate for prayers.

We go beyond the front lines into the enemy’s territory, rescuing God’s children back from the bondage they are in.

It is hard and messy and physically exhausting work but God continues to provide us strength and to qualify us for the tasks He calls us to do.

Please join us in praying for supernatural love for others.
Love is the power used against Satan and we want to love others more.
Pray that God will break our hearts for what breaks His.

Please pray for discernment to know what is best for these men and women and for wisdom in dealing with so many broken lives.

Please pray for resources to reach more people and more laborers to join us.

Please pray that we will decrease as He increases in our lives every day.

Please pray for the city of Atlanta and for our State and World leaders.

Please pray that the Church will be united – regardless of denomination – and will believe the Word of God is true.

Finally, please pray we will be obedient, no matter what the cost and that we will see His Kingdom come now as it is in Heaven!