Street Ministry

There are currently over 21,000 homeless in Atlanta alone and only 3000 beds that are available and shelters are closing down daily due to lack of funds. The need is great and it is our job as the Church to care for the poor, not the government’s.

Join us as we love God’s children on the streets of Atlanta.
Together, we can end homelessness with the love of Christ!

       Praying in Bluff

We lead teams every week under the bridges of Atlanta and into The Bluff (Atlanta’s largest crack cocaine district) to minister to the homeless and the lost.

Saturday Ministry

We hit the streets of Atlanta evary Saturday with over 700 meals – rain or shine – using the meals as our means to share the love of Jesus and talk with them about surrendering to Christ.

We meet at 12:00, noon, at The Garden:
2840 Plant Atkinson Road
Smyrna, GA  30080

We circle-up, pray and give out instructions for the day and then break into two teams:
one under the bridges and one to the Bluff. We hand out lunches and ask to prayer with each person we touch and then we give them a HUG.  Whether they’re living under a bridge or an abandoned home or crack apartment, the need is the same: Jesus.

Volunteers travel in a caravan – driving their own vehicles – following one of our ministry vans as they go to the various locations around the city.

We usually finish and are back at the Garden by 5pm.


Bike Night

Do you have a motorcycle and want to serve the homeless?

Each MONDAY evening we load up saddlebags and backpacks with bag lunches and head under the bridges to feed and share Christ with those in need.

We meet at 4:45 pm at
2840 Plant Atkinson Road
Smyrna, GA 30080
and leave promptly at 5pm.

Come and join us whenever you can! There’s NO need to RSVP!

Please contact us  phone phone or email at to get more information.

We welcome families, churches, schools and businesses.

Additional Information


If you wish to join us on the streest, please wear comfortable clothing with closed-toed shoes as the bridges can be slippery.

You don’t need to bring anything except a heart to serve.
However, if you wish to help provide lunches, please contact us through phone or email.

We recommend that you dress in layers – the weather in Atlanta can range from the low 30’s in Winter to the high 90’s in the Summer.

Hygiene items and socks are also great blessings to those we are serving and you are welcome to bring those as well.   Simply let one of our staff missionaries know that you’ve brought them and they’ll help you determine the best places to hand them out.

All ages are welcome to participate and we encourage families to serve together but we recommend that anyone under the age of 11 be accompanied by an adult, one-on-one.


Non-Monetary Donations

Donations are not required to join us on the streets, but they are appreciated.

If you want to bring food, blankets, hygiene kits, clothing or other items, please check our Donate page for more info on this.

We always need bologna, bottled water and baggies.

Please let us know at least 72 hours in advance if you are planning to bring food.  (We want to be good stewards of our resources so we’ll make fewer meals if your team is planning to supplement).


Hearts of Love

Please come prepared to serve our brothers and sisters in the streets.
While we do bring food, clothing and other necessities to them, the most important thing we bring is JESUS CHRIST. The Love of Christ, Prayer and the WORD of GOD are what will have an eternal impact on their lives.